KUNZTEN show #2 – “SUMMER INTERLUDE” at Flutgraben e.V., Berlin

SUMMER INTERLUDE is an oasis in the summer dry spell of Berlin's cultural life. In the group exhibition we bring together nine outstanding artistic positions from diverse disciplines, and thus continue the exhibition series "KUNZTEN shows". The presented works include figurative as well as abstract painting, video and installation art, photography up to sculpture and textile works. In the rooms of Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin these exciting and versatile positions will connect with each other as well as with the space, inviting the visitors to do the same.
KUNZTEN is a multi-channel platform with the goal of conveying young art and culture in an informative and aesthetic way. The term KUNZTEN is a neologism composed of „KUNst“ (art) and „ZTEN - NETZ(werk)“ (network). KUNZTEN thrives on dialogue with artists, with the aim of rethinking the role of art in today‘s world and questioning traditional structures.
Our focus is on up-and-coming art of various genres – from figurative and abstract painting to experimental photography and digital art. When selecting artists, we look for a broad and diverse spectrum, ranging from aspiring university graduates to established artists. Of particular importance to us are artistic potential and the innovative approach of the work. It is a special concern of ours to work with the artists over a longer period of time through our various projects and to support their independence and artistic development.