Autophagy: Eating in Its Destructive and Creative Nature, Beautiful Soup, Online Exhibition
Autophagy: Eating in Its Destructive and Creative Nature
Curated by_CHANG Eunha
Artists_Alaa Abu Asad, Mooni Perry, TJ Shin, Chulayarnnon Siriphol
Writer_Hwang Miyojo
The curatorial project, Autophagy: Eating in Its Destructive and Creative Nature, aims to unfold the meaning of 'empower' and the hierarchical dichotomy behind the world by scrutinising the contemporary visual methodologies and discourses from the biological, political, historical, and environmental approaches. Anchored with Humberto R. Maturana and Francisco J. Varela’s theory, Autopoiesis, and biological principle's term, Autophagy, the exhibition examines contemporary artistic practices by presenting eating the other, sub-culture, and alienation against species. What we can expect is that 'Autopoiesis' or 'Autophagy' would be another possible way to understand and deconstruct how the existing framework has empowered the socio-economical inequality, unfairness, and destabilisation.
This project is conducted with the support of the International Arts Joint Fund 『2021-2022 Korea-Netherlands Cooperation Program』 of the Arts Council Korea and DutchCulture.