Oh my data A Meta & Physic Show, DISKURS Berlin


oh my god, or oh my data?
Today apps, QR codes, GPS navigators, and neurotically checking social media for affirmation are part of our everyday lives. Soaring quantities of data and consequently data-driven decisions have already changed our world profoundly. Therefore, might we replace oh my god for oh my data?
Over the last year, NFTs exploded, and digital art experienced a boom. Everything from videos, paintings, drawings, music and even your DNA can be digitized. Art can now exist as data, and there are enormous opportunities. However, this technology is still in its nascent and chaotic stage. There is an enormous abundance of artworks in the ether and evaluating the quality of these artworks hardly exists on online platforms.
With the project OH MY DATA, we try to introduce a different level of digital and crypto art: it is not just pixel congestions but also a metaphysical category in real and digital worlds. This project reveals the being of digital art, which is related to philosophy, technology and feminism in our time.
The entire front space of DISKURS Berlin will turn into a digital sphere where people can physically experience the digital works. The multidisciplinary media, such as videos, data paintings and sculptural objects, will be shown in the backspace.
With this experiment, OH MY DATA tries to show the extent and impact of digital and crypto art in both the real and digital world.