BPA// Exhibition 202121 August – 19 September 2,KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin


Featuring Kévin Blinderman, Sofia Defino Leiby, Mooni Perry, Shirin Sabahi, Jana Schulz, Joshua Schwebel, Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw, and Xiaopeng Zhou
21 August – 19 September 21
KW and BPA// Berlin program for artists founded their partnership in 2020. BPA// Berlin program for artists is a mentoring program that fosters exchange between emerging and established Berlin artists. Founded in 2016 by Angela Bulloch, Simon Denny, and Willem de Rooij, BPA// organizes studio visits, public lectures, and group exhibitions. For the first time KW serves as a venue for the BPA// exhibition, an annual exhibition of work produced over the course of the current BPA// program.